If you’re finding that you’re succumbing to the catch cry of never enough time this article is for you. If there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get through your to-do list, keep on top of work and family commitments, tend to your friends, bills, overflowing inbox and social media, let alone make space for your creativity, then here are eight tips for better time management for creative people.

  1. Prioritising Based on a Crystal Clear Vision

Are you crystal clear on the vision for your business and creative life? When you’ve got that firmly under your belt it’s actually really easy to filter out the yes’s and the no’s in your creative life. If you find yourself constantly saying yes to the many requests and opportunities that come your way, then you’re likely saying no to the potentially more aligned opportunities that may have filled the void.

  1. Batch Tasking is the new Multi-tasking

This is just about grouping together all your like activities so that you get in the flow of a certain kind of work quicker, easier and more productively. This allows you to focus your energy on one kind of task, rather than jumping from one thing to another, because, sad to say, multitasking is a myth.

  1. Tune into The Rhythms of Your Life

Are you tuned into what time of day you work best, your energy rhythms throughout a day, and creative ladies your rhythm over a month? You need to nut out a rhythm and a routine that works for you. When you schedule your work around your own natural inclinations you can mine your various states of mind and energy levels and match your work load accordingly.

  1. Know Your Triggers

Do you have rituals or ways of setting your mind so that you’re ready to get working, making the most of your psychology for greatest productivity? It turns out that organising your desk and making a cup of tea before starting on that big uni assignment may not have just been procrastination. Signalling your mind that it’s time to get to work using repeated routines can get you in the zone quicker and with greater output.

  1. Get Someone Else To Do It

Think about where you’re getting stuck, weak zones where you could do with a bit of extra support or anywhere you’re really not working in your zone of genius. Can you delegate any of these tasks to other people? Consider outsourcing sites such as Fiverr or, for example right now, I’m dictating this blog onto my phone and I’ll be sending it off to Revv to be transcribed.

  1. Use Systems to Get Yourself Organised

These can be different for different people so find what works for you. Things like daily planners, business and marketing plan templates and even the humble to-do list, help you to measure your output, organise your thoughts and keep you focused.

  1. Embrace The Techno Age

So I’m dictating this blog and no I don’t have a fancy Dictaphone, just the voice memos ap in my iPhone. There’s so much technology at our hands, from our Smartphones, to online programmes that help you to schedule, organise your work flows or set up automation. Technology is there for you to manage your time better, hopefully not to just drain it.

  1. How About Self Care

It seems counter intuitive when you’re feeling swamped, but actually one of the best ways of being more productive is to make sure you’re looking after yourself properly. Check in that you’re balancing work time with down time and that you’re not letting yourself get sick or run down. Make sure you have time scheduled to do nothing, exercise, socialise and sleep. Get a hobby, and I don’t mean the art you’re trying to turn into a business, just a good old fashioned hobby where you let off steam or simply switch off.

If you need more help wrangling time then check out my Time Management for the Creative Industry’s Workshops and see if one’s coming up near you. And if you’d like to organise one for your creative community, get in touch Christina@ChristinaGiorgio.com.

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