Here are five of the many reasons why getting your vision crystal clear is my number one business strategy for creatives!


  1.  Leverage Physiology

    Having a crystal clear vision actually sets up a biofeedback system that works as a physiological motivator that gets you from where you are to your dream outcome. Getting your vision crystal clear is actually scientifically proven to help you achieve your goals.

  2. Tune Out and Tune In

    A lot of the time the things that are holding us back are external voices. Maybe that narky teacher you had in third grade who told you you weren’t good at art. Maybe your parents who told you that you need a “real” job and that making a life in a creative industry is too hard. Perhaps it’s your friends who think you’re a lofty dreamer. All of those voices chattering away actually work against your chances of success. Getting your vision crystal clear and taking time to tune in to your inner voice also gives you a chance to tune out the outer voices who may not be doing you a service.

  3. Filter Out The Excess

    Vision is a great way of filtering out the activities you don’t need to be doing, the customers you don’t need to be wasting your time on, the marketing efforts that are in the wrong direction, the list goes on… If it doesn’t serve your central vision, you can give it a flick.

  4. Goal Power Charge

    Vision clarity is the ultimate planning and goal setting tool. When your vision is really clear, it becomes a lot more evident what areas of your business you need to be working on and where you need to be focusing your energy. Your vision is your ultimate power charge for greater focus and direction.

  5. Marketing With Conviction

    Vision is your marketing BFF. When you know exactly what your vision is it is so much easier to communicate the heart, soul and benefits of your creative product with YOUR market (ie. not a whole pile of people who aren’t your market). Your marketing strategy suddenly becomes much clearer as you identify with confidence your niche or micro niche. A clear vision helps you to get your ideal markets and customers under your belt.


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