2 Reasons Why You Have to Keep on Creating No Matter What

This has really been one of my hardest learned lessons after a lifetime working in the creative industries. As artists we can feel really shitty about ourselves and work when it’s not flying off the shelves, packing out theatres or revered by oceans of raving fans. This is amplified if we’re spending a certain amount of time comparing ourselves […]

Why Even Artists Have to Find Their Niche

Yep, even artists gotta niche One of the biggest problems I find with clients I work with (and I know the arts is not the only offender in this realm), is a lack of niching. Niching is simply finding your thing. The thing that’s special about what you do and then using it as a launch […]

No More Panic Pricing!

  Panic pricing is not a great idea. A while ago I had a very talented music producer in one of my workshops, he had the skills, the following and the set up but his business was not making him a steady profit. He had a family to support and he was feeling panicky about […]

The Revolution Part 2 – We Have Value

Missed Part 1 of this article? Read it here. The Revolution Part 2 – It’s Time for some Arts Education The arts in Australia has been under rapid fire over the past 18 months with funding cuts, higher education slashes and a political backdrop that grossly undervalues the creative industries. Frankly it’s been making me […]

The Revolution Part 1 – Artists need to get paid

The Revolution Part 1 – The facts about working in the arts in Oz Lately in Australia there has been a lot of shit going down in the arts industry and it’s been getting me very hot under the collar. Our minister for education and training, Simon Birmingham, came out recently and made the call […]

How to make money from your art

So you want to get paid for your art?! Awesome, we need more of you out there! Here are 5 things you need to keep in mind when going from hobby to professional and slapping a price tag on your creative work.    Be professional Make sure your goods and services are at a professional […]

Arts Biz Made Easy – 10 simple steps to a thriving arts business

So you’re ready to truly shine as an arts professional! You want to tick the boxes on any or all of the following – ✅ make more money ✅ reach more people ✅ create more ✅ raise your profile ✅ change the world with your creative offerings ✅ stand out in an industry teeming with talent ✅ create with heart and authenticity ✅ shift from […]

Content Creation for Creatives Made Easy

Increasing the helpful content on your website is something that Google loves when deciding whether or not to send people to your website. Google loves it because your fans, your audience and all those customers you’re hoping to reach love it too. A creative part of the professional arts process is communicating to all of […]

Symbiosis in the arts – creatives and salespeople

Working across all aspects of the arts industry, I often come across both sides of the coin when it comes to creatives and sellers of creative product. At a friend’s lunch I went to recently, I was seated between both sides of this relationship (put the arty farty types together?!). On one side sat the […]