Christina Giorgio Arts and Creativity Consultant

Christina Giorgio – Arts Business and Creative Life Consultant

If we don’t already know each other from past workshops, projects, my Facebook page or some other arty pastime, I’m really pleased to meet you! I’m Christina and for as long as I can remember I’ve lived and breathed all things creative.  I got my start aged 3 directing reluctant cousins in performance extravaganzas and belting out 80s love ballads while rocking it on a Casio keyboard (that I didn’t know how to play!). These days I’m a singer/songwriter but I’ve been a film maker, actor and even briefly tried my hand as a fair trade fashion designer.  I live and work surrounded by inspiring nature and world-class culture with my big, bustling family in the super creative and hippy heartland of Byron Bay, Australia.

When I’m not working on my own creative practice or immersed in family life, I work holistically with arts professionals on their creative businesses and lives and arts businesses and organisations on their strategy and planning.  I’m also an arts-events passionate, specializing in grass-roots community events. Based on 20 years experience working in the creative industries at a policy, cultural strategic planning and community arts level (plus lessons learnt from my own ongoing life-long, creative adventure!), I’m here to support you to thrive emotionally, financially and most importantly, creatively.  

I can help you through a range of arts services

  • arts business and creative life consulting for individuals, businesses and organisations
  • arts business and creative life workshops, online courses and presentations designed for arts professionals and creative minds.
  • custom and annual creative life retreats in Bali, Byron Bay and beyond
  • free resources, online courses, webinars and more for creatives and arts professionals

More About Christina –

Creative Consultancies director, Christina Giorgio has a bachelor of arts majoring in screen and theatre with her honours in media. She has a Certificate IV in Small Business, a Certificate IV in Training and Adult Education and has completed training in business planning for non-for profits and community based organisations.

Christina has worked in the community and arts sector for almost 20 years. She has specialised in drama and video workshop facilitation, working with young people of all abilities and working with adults with disabilities.

She has facilitated training in a range of topics including funding, online resources, access for people with disabilities, community cultural development, arts project development for generalist community workers, arts project development for artsworkwers.

She has worked intensively with migrants, refugees and artists from non-english speaking backgrounds. She is an experienced youth worker and disability support worker and has an excellent understanding of both community and arts.

She has presented at forums and conferences in community cultural development best practice, arts business and provided training in submission writing and funding opportunities. She has twice sat on the selection panel for the Northern Rivers Country Arts Support Program.

Christina has created a number of arts business plans and been successful in securing funding for restructured roles and new programs based on these plans. She has also provided support for corporate strategic plans in the marketing and media sectors.

Christina has has assisted artists practicing a range of art forms with their professional development, incorporating a business model in the creation of artistic and employment opportunities. She has worked as a freelance project manager and facilitator, full time cultural development worker as well as a consultant through her business Creative Consultancies.

In her own arts practice Christina has had films screened internationally, loves acting for theatre, but has found her creative home in music. A singer songwriter, she writes, records and performs her folk-pop originals. She has explored fair trade fashion, does web and graphic design and generally lives and breathes creativity in her working life.

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Lainie Anderson Arts Marketing Creative Consultancies

Lainie Anderson – Arts-Marketing Consultant

Lainie is a niche entrepreneur, lover of all things arty and crafty, mamma and head chef at Casa Anderson.

Despite having an artistic streak in her youth Lainie studied Psychology and Media at University propelling her into a 15 year corporate career in Human Resources and Recruitment. Honing her business skills was easy for her and her husband living in San Francisco/Sillicon Valley during the rapid rise of the Internet in the 90’s and early 2000’s. These years brought some wild entrepreneurial and edgy thinking to the forefront of their minds that they’ve now extended to their own business.

In 2006 Lainie and her husband released their “golden shackles” of the corporate world to embark on a trailblazing ecommerce business that is continuing to thrive and grow. It was throughout this intense growth period that Lainie took the reigns of the marketing for their internet business, learning a broad range of digital and social marketing skills. Lainie and her husband are now part of a cutting edge marketing collective run out of Sydney where they continue to learn and expand with the latest digital techniques.

Living in the uber-creative Byron Shire of Australia, has connected Lainie to the many arty folk who call this piece of paradise home. Naturally her savvy marketing and business skills have been highly sought after, ultimately guiding her to start consulting and help artists expand. Lainie’s deeply passionate about bringing wonderful art and culture to the world by helping creatives succeed and expand their businesses and careers, it’s what makes her soul really sing.

Lainie still supports her own business while consulting with artists and expanding her own repertoire. She’s a mamma to two children, Gus 11, and Annelle 6 years old and a wife of 18 years to her husband and visionary partner, Craig. Lainie gets that running a business and expanding one’s self is fraught with tripping over dirty laundry, business meetings on the run and midnight facebook posting, but feels it’s well worth it.

She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and finding the sweet spot for artists that can help them thrive on their artistic journey. She really feels it’s her higher calling as a business minded person surrounded by amazing artistsand a perfect match for her to share her gifts. Being a small business owner can be a lonely journey, but it doesn’t have to be if we stay connected.