5 Tips for Mid Career Creatives

One of the most common types of clients that I have walk in my door are people who are mid-career.  They’ve been in the creative industries for a long while but have hit a fork in the road, a block, or a turning point. Perhaps the creative passion that filled them up 10 years ago […]

Why Even Artists Have to Find Their Niche

Yep, even artists gotta niche One of the biggest problems I find with clients I work with (and I know the arts is not the only offender in this realm), is a lack of niching. Niching is simply finding your thing. The thing that’s special about what you do and then using it as a launch […]

Your (awesome!) Year in Review

2016 has been a big year! We’ve lost some amazing creative heroes from our planet, gained Zika, lost Brangelina and then there’s that whole Trump thing. I am personally pretty ready to fare this year well. Before I get geared up for the new year I always take a minute to take stock of the […]

Arts Biz Made Easy – 10 simple steps to a thriving arts business

So you’re ready to truly shine as an arts professional! You want to tick the boxes on any or all of the following – ✅ make more money ✅ reach more people ✅ create more ✅ raise your profile ✅ change the world with your creative offerings ✅ stand out in an industry teeming with talent ✅ create with heart and authenticity ✅ shift from […]

Your Business is a Marathon – Musings for the Hyper Pro-active

Now, I should probably contextualize this next blog by saying that it’s as much advice for myself as it is for you guys!   One of the things I find hardest about running my own business is this concept of a business being a marathon and not a sprint. I really believe in making long term plans […]

Content Creation for Creatives Made Easy

Increasing the helpful content on your website is something that Google loves when deciding whether or not to send people to your website. Google loves it because your fans, your audience and all those customers you’re hoping to reach love it too. A creative part of the professional arts process is communicating to all of […]

Lateral Solutions to Save Your Time and Sanity

I often bang on about outsourcing because for me it has been a total game changer. We have 5 kids and with no extended family nearby to ease the load and 3 businesses to run we have been forced to think laterally about how we manage our enourmous work and life load. A few years […]