If you’re not really sure about what your niche is, here are three steps that might help you work them out.


I’m always coming back to vision clarity because for me it is the number one most important thing to have under wraps. Usually, when you’re crystal clear about the vision for your life and the vision for your creativity, it becomes fairly obvious where your niche lays. As you dig deep into what you’re most passionate about, what you care about, and what you’re most driven to create in the world, then certain themes and processes reoccur.  Tune into your heartfelt dominant creative themes, it will give you a good idea of what your niche is. 

 2. Pick your passion

Start with the thing that you love the most and use that as a launching pad to other things. If there’s one particular aspect of your creating or business that you enjoy the most, then put your energy in that. It doesn’t exclude you from offering other products and services down the track, but it does mean you’ll come out the gate with confidence and clarity. 


3. Find a gap in the market that you have the skills to fill

If you have a lot of skills and talents and you’re unsure of where to focus your energy, how to package yourself, or where to direct your creativity, then take some time to do some market research. Check out who else is out there and what they’re offering and then whittle down the gaps you have the skillset, passion, talent and creativity to fill.

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