2 Reasons Why You Have to Keep on Creating No Matter What

This has really been one of my hardest learned lessons after a lifetime working in the creative industries. As artists we can feel really shitty about ourselves and work when it’s not flying off the shelves, packing out theatres or revered by oceans of raving fans. This is amplified if we’re spending a certain amount of time comparing ourselves […]

5 Tips for Mid Career Creatives

One of the most common types of clients that I have walk in my door are people who are mid-career.  They’ve been in the creative industries for a long while but have hit a fork in the road, a block, or a turning point. Perhaps the creative passion that filled them up 10 years ago […]

The Three Minute Journal

This simple 3 minute journaling exercise is perfect for getting your flow on so there no excuse to not give it a go.  20 minutes a week and you’ll be firing on all creative cannons. Step 1 Get a pen and paper, a journal or sketch book with a favourite pen is great but the […]

You, Arty Activities & The Silly Season

Not only is the holiday season a perfect time to leverage for your own creative work it’s also a great time to get out there and enjoy the arts yourself with your friends and family. Whether it’s by getting on down to any of the multitudes of artisan markets, buying handmade Chrissy presents, checking out […]

Your (awesome!) Year in Review

2016 has been a big year! We’ve lost some amazing creative heroes from our planet, gained Zika, lost Brangelina and then there’s that whole Trump thing. I am personally pretty ready to fare this year well. Before I get geared up for the new year I always take a minute to take stock of the […]

Why the Arts?

It seems I’ve spent a lot of my life justifying for those around me why I have chosen to make the arts and creativity my life’s work.  The struggle is real, carving out a life in the arts is very challenging and I get that those who love me would love to ease that struggle.  Maybe […]

Arts Biz Made Easy – 10 simple steps to a thriving arts business

So you’re ready to truly shine as an arts professional! You want to tick the boxes on any or all of the following – ✅ make more money ✅ reach more people ✅ create more ✅ raise your profile ✅ change the world with your creative offerings ✅ stand out in an industry teeming with talent ✅ create with heart and authenticity ✅ shift from […]

When Inspiration Doesn’t Strike

  “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso There has long been a myth around creative people only working when inspiration strikes in frenzies of creativity. These mythical creative people sit around waiting for the next bolt of inspiration to hit before they start working and luckily produce high quality works […]

On Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway

  Some people are born with an unshakable belief in themselves. My partner tells a story of when his band was starting out. He decided he wanted to be represented by one of the best agencies in Sydney at the time. For a band at his level (even though in his own mind they were […]