1.Creative Vision & Mission
This module is all about getting the seed of your creative business (and life!) right! It will give you clarity, define your “why” and articulate your niche.  Vision and Mission clarity is a holistic tool for maintaining focus and motivation and essential in communicating your core message to your ideal customers.
Vision Overview

Vision Clarity
Vision Statement
Personal Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Personal Mission Statement

2. Market Research
Exploring your market place gives you insights into your ideal customer, niche, how to make sure you are standing out and the general trends and state of your particular corner of the creative industries.  In this module we will go exploring online and discover all the juicy information we can about your market and how you can shine in it.
Market Research

3. Operations
Getting across the practical nuts and bolts of your day to day operations is vital for professionalism in the creative industries. Making absolutely sure that those essential details are being covered enables you to create freely knowing you are totally on top of the very grounded realities of running an arts business.

4. Legals
Being across the legal responsibilities of your arts business is essential and while this module does not replace professional legal advice it will give you some legalities to consider to help make sure you, your art and your business are legally protected.

5. Money
In this module we are talking all about money in a way that is especially designed to support your best, most financially stable and accountable creative life.  From your money attitudes to budgets and financial planning we are going to get real about finances.
Personal Budget
Money Attitudes
Funding Your Creative Life

6. Branding
Creating a clear, consistent and compelling brand image is vital if you want to attract your ideal fans, customers and audience.  An aligned branding strategy will help you to connect quickly, more deeply and more effectively which means sharing your art more widely and improving your bottom line.

7. Marketing
This module is dedicated to adding to your kitty some key strategies to reach your ideal market, share what you do with the people who will love what you have to offer and give yourself the best chances of building your arts-business income.
Offline Strategies
Identifying Your Solution

8. Online Presence
Getting your creative work online is a must for creatives serious about sharing what they do and giving themselves the best shot at creating a sustainable business. This module covers the basics you need to start building your online universe from your website to social media let’s get you on track to creating a solid web presence.
Email Lists
Google Basics
Social Media


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