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Revisioning Creative Life After Children.Creative Life PC (Post Children)


Reconnecting and revisioning the direction of your creative life PC (post children) to give you the direction and energy to keep that creative dream alive in amongst the mounting bills, sleepless nights and washing pile. Becoming a parent can represent a quantum shift in how we operate in all areas of our life. For creative parents this can be two fold as we add yet another challenge to the realities of working in the arts. Tuning in to a new way of thinking, creating and working post children can re-energise and refocus your efforts and keep that creative dream alive and your family thriving. hands on – get ready to visualise Byron style, tune in to you and connect with other creative parents.


Clarifying your creative life vision and mission.Magic Fairies and Soul Searching


Articulating your dream life, business and career to create a mission statement that aligns with your values and a vision you can’t wait to realise The ability to focus your creative “grasshopper” mind can give your arts business or career a real boost. By reducing the amount of energy spent jumping from idea to idea and channeling your efforts into jumping towards your ultimate dream destination, allows you to welcome in ideal opportunities and customers and shift to that next level.

hands on – get ready to visualise Byron style, dream big and get clear  


Get the ultimate checklist for your arts business.Speed Business Blast


The ultimate checklist for arts businesses. Taking steps to becoming an artist-entrepreneur is for most creative folk the difference between those who dream and those who do. Getting clued up on the business strategies, tools and techniques you need to consider to thrive in the arts industry is a major step towards driving your arts career or business onwards and upwards.

listen and learn – get your note pads out and write yourself the ultimate business checklist


Marketing for the artsMarketing 101

Nail your marketing and make more sales – Getting your head around the ways you can bring your creative product to the world AND inspire people to buy is easier than you think. Make sure you have your marketing foundations in place and tune into the strategies that work best for your work and you.
Listen, learn and brainstorm – Bring along paper and pens, take notes and do some brainstorming.


Creating a road map to your dream craetive destinationRoad Tripping

The art of setting goals and sticking to them is your ticket to creative and business success. Having a template for your creative road trip, setting out your goals and knowing how to be “SMART” with your goal setting strategy is step one towards getting where you dream of with your arts business or career. Learning the structures that make those goals stick and how to best support your ability to achieve them will add up to your best chances at success! Listen, learn and brainstorm – Bring along your free ebook, take notes and do some brainstorming.

Time Alchemy Making more time for what you love


Creating more time for the things you love most. Staying on track, keeping the focus and finding time to do the passionate creating part can be a tough gig.
Using proven and simple techniques to manage your time, you can transform your day to day and most importantly free up space for the things you love most.
Listen, learn and make a plan – Download your free templates and worksheets and unlock more time for what you love.


Take a realistic look at your arts business or careerGet Real 


Work out the things you’re not so great at and rock the things you’re awesome at (SWOT Arty-style) Being ready to take a deep look under the hood of your arts business and career, ask yourself the tough questions about what isn’t working and learn how to recognize the amazing resources you have already at your fingertips is vital in advancing your creativity and business. Having the techniques to sure up weak spots and polish up the gems of opportunity can make all the difference!
hands on – get ready to get real! Prepare to use your brilliant creative mind to generate solutions and new ideas.

Want to Dive Deeper? Check out Left of Centre!

Left of Centre is my super jam packed amazing opportunity for arts professionals to get 2 full days of highly personalized arts business, career and creative life business consulting plus 2 more months of ongoing support.

Within a creative mastermind setting we review your whole creative life and I fill your kitty with arts-business tools and techniques ranging from marketing and niching, to time management and goal setting.