Startup E-Course

Painters, dancers, musicians, writers, film makers, crafters or artists practicing any art form!  This arts-business e-course has been created especially for YOU! Together we will get you on track to your dream arts business or career.  Just like I’ve done with hundreds of artists before, let’s work together to get you thriving in the arts!

The stARTup ecourse packs 20 years of hands on experience in my own practice and working with 100s of creatives all across the arts into 8 easy to understand yet comprehensive modules. It’s just the thing for you if you want to –


Give yourself the best chance of making money from your creativity.
(because you’re sick of struggling to pay your rent, are suffocating in your day job and know what you have to offer is of value!)


Stand out in an industry teeming with talent.
(because there are so many amazing people out there trying to make it in the arts and


Share your creating with more audiences, fans and customers.
(because you love what you do and want it to reach more people, make you money, change the world, make people happy, improve lives!)


Create with total clarity and authenticity.
(because sometimes you lack focus, feeling pulled in many directions, unsure of exactly what you want or how to make the art you’re most passionate about)  


Shift up a gear with your arts career.
(because you want to be the most professional creative you can but business strategy doesn’t come naturally and you need help to up the ante)


Over 8 step by step modules, I will break down and guide you through the 
essential business strategies you need.


With over 20 years experience working in the arts, with artists practicing all kinds of art-forms,  I have developed a way of skilling up creatives like you with business fundamentals.


This e-course takes away all the guesswork and has been especially tailored to the arts industry and creative minds

Over 8 modules we’ll cover the business basics
you need to take your creativity to the next level!

Creative Vision

Get to the heART of your creative vision and find total clarity about the who, what and how of your creative product.

Market Research

Explore your market, what else is out there and what that means for you.


Sort out the details of what equipment and resources you need to share your creativity with the world.


Get across the legal basics you need to take your creativity to the next level.


Know how much money you need to get started and how you’ll live a financially stable creative life.


Get your brand image well defined.


Work out your basic offline marketing strategies to connect with your ideal market.

Online Presence

From websites to social media build your online universe.

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★ 21 bite size video lessons

★ 17 easy to use printable worksheets

★ Full access to the interactive FAQs.
(This means you can email me directly with all your general questions which I’ll answer and share with everyone in the relevant module FAQ section. You will also be able to see what other students in our community are asking about.)

★ Lifetime access to updates, bonus videos, FAQs and resources.

★ Lifetime access to updates, bonus videos, FAQs and resources.


✪ BONUS – an inspiring guided visualization you can use over and over again to keep on powering towards your dream creative life

✪ BONUS – hours of web trawling, second guessing and wheel reinvention saved because you’ll also have –

★ All my Handiest weblinks

★ A detailed Resource register

★ A bunch of Blogs and Inspirations

★ No-opt in free workbooks, checklists and planning tools

✪ BONUS – Priority access to personalised 1 on 1 consultation through the artist support packages.  Private consulting hours are very limited and as an e-course client you have priority.



Still not sure? This e-course is perfect for you if –



💚You are dedicated to making your creative practice a priority.



💚You want easy to apply business strategies specifically tailored to the creative industries by an arts industry expert with 20 years experience.


💚 You know your art is worth sharing with the world and you want to connect with your ideal audience, fan or customer.


💚You are ready to say goodbye to the starving artist archetype, limiting behaviours, beliefs and stories holding you back from leading a financially stable and creatively fulfilling life.


💚You have been dreaming about taking your creative hobby to the next level but need the business framework to make it a reality.


💚You would love a business course with heART, designed exclusively for the creative minds and lives of arts practitioners like you.


💚You are wanting full focus and clarity in your creative life.


💚You have just finished studies in the arts and want real world direction and business skills (A dose when I graduated would have made all the difference!).

what people are saying

“I gained so much out of the opportunity to organise my ideas and plans by sharing with other people in the sector. It was great to have access to these ‘sounding boards’ to get my business planning back on track.” 

“The meetings via Zoom were great!”

“For me personally it has given me the drive and focus to set up my organisation.”

“Christina knew the content well and I loved being able to bounce ideas around with other participants. “

Great course, I did a business management course around 6 years ago, and found it all a bit daunting, because I couldn’t see my studio practice growing enough to support the multitude of costs that seemed to be involved, and I just didn’t know which to prioritise. I also felt the work involved in making a business of my studio practice took far too much energy I would prefer to put into actually doing my creative work. So I let lots of aspects slip away. With Christina’s course, although it was very quick, it was manageable, appropriate to the arts, and inspiring to think of ways that I might make my practice more viable, to enable me to continue being creative. Covid 19 timing meant that while most avenues of getting my work ‘out there’ are not open at the moment, there is space to plan for options once business regains momentum. I feel better equipped to be there. I have been writing grant applications. Christina’s work has helped considerably with the vision, practicalities and wording for these applications. I now want to get one on one direct mentorship with Christina. Thanks heaps.

stARTup Hands up if you dream of a full time marketing and business manager to sell the crap out of your creative product and manage business logistics while you get down to doing the fun creative stuff!

Think you have it covered?  Download the free stARTup business checklist. If any items don’t earn a tick then the e-course will help you fill the business gaps that may be holding you back. DOWNLOAD


Want more insight into what this course covers and my teaching style? Sign up for the FREE stARTup webinar. This free 35 minute webinar will walk you through 10 steps you need to take to really kick start your creative industries business/career and comes with a free downloadable check list. SIGN UP

This e-course is not for you if –

🍒You are looking for an easy fix, magic bullet solution that you don’t have to do any work for!  None of my services for artists work that way, as I’m all about real, sustainable, empowering skills for creatives.  I will give you plenty of hacks, short cuts and systems to make it as easy as possible though!

🍒You are already running a thriving profitable arts business but need support in managing the day to day systems for your ultimate success and creative fulfilment.  My coaching packages however will suit you to a t.

🍒You are already across all aspects of your vision, mission, operations, finances, branding, marketing and online presence and need a deeper more intensive course (some of those specialed courses will come soon too but in the mean time check out some of the other experts I partner with on programs such as my Shine, Creative Life and Arts Business experience, perfect for established arts-entrepreneurs)

🍒You just want to pursue your creativity for pure joy and fulfillment and don’t want to place the pressure of making it “a business” or “reaching a market”. (My Retreats in Ubud, Bali and Byron Bay, Australia will be perfect for you though!)

🍒You are an arts business mastermind and need high level, complex, intensive personalised support (check out my consulting packages or cultural planning services I might still be able to help!)

🍒You don’t want to invest the time or money into your creative life.  (My freebies page has plenty of gems to keep you going until you’re really ready to take that next step with your creative life.

About Your Teacher

Christina Giorgio (BAhons, CertIV Bus)

Christina is your virtual classroom teacher, whose lifelong passion has been the arts.

A musician and film and theatre graduate with extensive training in both business and arts administration, Christina has been working for 2 decades in the arts at a grassroots, community and strategic level.

Christina Giorgio, business coach and consultant

Through her online courses, live workshops, retreats and speaking engagements, she shares skills and knowledge gathered over 20 years working in the arts.


An experienced speaker, teacher and workshop facilitator, her latest venture, Creative Life Courses, is an opportunity to tap into Christina’s passion and expertise in the creative industries from anywhere around the world.


stART up is the first course up for grabs and over 8 modules takes you through everything you need to know to start up or step up your creative industry business and practice.


Learn more about Christina Still got questions?
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