WED, NOV 8, 6 PM – 9 PM, 


Unleash the alchemy of time and transform your day to day.

⏱Are you feeling swamped and overwhelmed by your never ending to-do list?

⏱Are you juggling study, a family or a day job and and struggling to find time to do your passionate creating?

⏱Is staying on track and keeping the focus a constant challenge?

⏱Are the rings, dings and pings of technology pulling you in a million different directions?

⏱Do you want more time for your creative passions and the people and things you love most?

Balancing all the elements of a thriving creative life and business is within your grasp.

This 2 hour workshop will send you home with a holistic blueprint for your daily creative life.

Using tried and tested strategies from creative trailblazers, the entrepreneurial sphere and the latest in behavioural research, learn strategies to work smarter not harder.