My kids have started the Christmas count down which means everyday I have a reminder system in place that there are only 6 weeks left before visitors, school holidays and silly season descend.  

It’s easy this time of year to get swamped by the unfinished to do list or burnt out scrambling to cram in too much.  It’s also easy to fall prey to some negative filtering that focuses attention on what didn’t get done rather than what you have achieved in 2018.  With many of my clients I am taking some time in our sessions to celebrate the wins BEFORE we decide what we are going to get finished before the end of the year. Celebrating your wins is such an important way of keeping your happy hormones flowing and acknowledging just how far you’ve come.  Get your week started right by taking 5 minutes to track some of the big and small wins you’ve achieved recently.  This article will help guide you through a simple 5 minute celebration!

  1. Big Wins

What major goals did you set for yourself that you have got across the line.  If you’re a planner cross reference against your annual plan.  If not cast your mind back a few years ago, where did past you dream of being, doing or having?  Now think about how far you’ve come since then.

  1. Medium Wins

Some tasks may only take a day of concerted effort to get across the line (think putting in your tax return, tidying your studio or organizing your paperwork, mending broken equipment) but the impact can be huge.  These kinds of tasks can be like a clog in your drains, backing up stale energy or a dam in your river of productivity.  Sometimes we forget to thank ourselves for finally getting that shit done and making space for other more juicy things.

  1. Small Wins

So much mental space is taken up by those small niggling to-dos.  Paying that bill, making that phone call and sending that email. Over time those small to-dos mount up and our brains get overloaded.  Clearing smaller tasks off the list are all part of moving towards a larger goal.  In fact only think back to those big wins to consider how many small wins actually got you there.

  1. Lessons

If you are struggling to find the wins (which I suspect is more to do with a negative filter than actual lack of movement!) or the year involved some significant fails then it’s time to reframe those lacks into lessons.  What did you learn from the experience, what can you do better, how can you improve?  This kind of learning is an enormous gift to your future self, resilience and skills development.

  1. Personal Growth

When I work with clients so much of the work we do crosses into individual self development.   We work with money blocks, negative self talk, self worth, imposter syndrome, health and wellbeing and internal dialogues that don’t serve us to live the life of our dreams.  The growth that  comes from this kind of internal work can be often times overlooked or integrated so that we forget the huge efforts and shifts it asked of us.  To me these wins are the ones life is all about and they deserve an extra loud WOO HOO!

Here are a few of the latest wins I’m celebrating with my beautiful coaching creatives!  If any of those sound like wins you’d like to experience and you want someone helping you kick your goals and cheering you all the way then email me NOW and lets get started! or check out my coaching services HERE.

👏 Finally quitting that job that’s been stifling growth and negotiating the PERFECT day job that supports them financially and creatively.

👏 Getting billed at a major summer music festival off the back of a cracker year of gigs and recording.

👏 Opening their own studio, booking out classes and selling out stock consistently.

👏 Hitting send to the editor of the book they finishing writing ready to launch next year.

👏 Reaching the milestone of 4 years in business and being ready to take it to the next level.

👏 Launching a gorgeous new website that looks perfect and will make it super easy for people to buy, buy, buy.

👏 Getting to the point that their copywriting and application writing is so good that I may find myself out of work.

👏 Sinking into a daily life design that supports slow creative living that nurtures their family, community and own creative heart.