Tips for incorporating Crowdfunding in your Arts Business

A while ago I went to talk in Sydney on crowdfunding by Pozible co-founder Rick Chen.  Crowdfunding is such a great opportunity for creative businesses to explore, not only in terms of your financial strategy but also incorporated into your marketing. Here are my top takeaways for arts-crowdfunding. 

  1. Pick the minimum amount you need to make your project happen. Crowdfunding is an all or nothing thing so if you miss your target you get nothing.

  2. Get friends and family to help get you over the line if you are at the 11th hour and not quite at your target.

  3. Make sure you can and do deliver what you promise.

  4. Crowd funded income is still income don’t forget to include it in your tax return.

  5. Expect a burst at the start of your campaign, a lull in the middle and another boost at the end.

  6. Make your rewards engaging and worthwhile.

  7. Get creative with your campaigns, they are a great way of engaging people with your brand and product.

  8. Be prepared. Crowd funding campaigns are hard work. Have a strategy and the wherewithal to follow through.

  9. Don’t make your campaign too long. Crowd funding campaigns are exhausting and its hard to keep traction on longer campaigns.

  10. Have a great video that is personal, transparent and engaging.

  11. Keep everyone updated through your social media and marketing channels.

  12. Have a good social media/email list following before you launch.

  13. Your campaign has to be project based.

  14. No donations or raffles allowed.

  15. Consider using crowdfunding as a part of a wider marketing strategy to create interest and engagement with fans.

  16. Promote your campaign to promote your business and increase followers.

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