Celebrating your achievements

It’s on the journey to the big vision that the learning happens, the creating and the growth. The destination is amazing but it’s the road there that makes up the heart of this creative life. Sometimes the milestones may not sound that impressive when you’re plugging along ticking off the to do list.  Maybe they aren’t translating into you becoming an overnight rock star, award winning film maker, best selling author or any of the accolades we think mean we are successful in the arts, that we’ve made it, that our business is thriving and peaking out the succes-ometer. 

As a part of the intensive arts business workshops I run, I encourage a period of group sharing for a couple of months afterwards. Once the real work begins it can be a massive support to hear the wins and challenges other people are experiencing and to have someone there cheering on and high fiving your smaller achievements. For anyone trying to build any kind of business, having a squad of supporters can be a make or break ingredient in actually achieving your goals

An arts business is not like Jims mowing, we can’t measure our success purely by lawns cut and edges whipper snippered, the kinds of clear indicators that mean success in non arts based businesses.  We are living a creative and passionate life that can’t always be measured, in fact I find rarely can be measured, by the business bottom line.

In my workshops I reassure participants that there’s no right or wrong answer, no one is there to be graded or judged. But today I actually do want to hand out some A+ report cards to some past students.  Maybe you’ll find there are some A+ grades for achievements towards your creative life and arts business that you’ve been overlooking the value of.  Maybe even some of the ones below will resonate.  Maybe you can share some of your own A+ moments in the comments.

Some Past Student Score Cards 

A+ – Creating a stable, loving, joyful home base to live in and work from.

A+ – Getting the perfect day job that creates financial stability, supports your business start up and feeds directly into building a client base.

A+ – Taking time to care for your mind and body so you can come back to your creative passion with energy and inspiration.

A+ – Changing the mindset of the financial value of what you’re doing and lifting your prices.

A+ – Taking yourself seriously as an artist and as a business.

A+ – Getting back in the studio and creating a routine around creating.

A+ – Realizing that you need and want a full time job that isn’t in the arts at all.

A+ – Finding a perfect day job that allows you to be a full time artist with integrity and in line with your creative vision.

A+ – Having faith in your big vision and recognizing how magically pieces of that picture are actually being welcomed into your life.

A+ – Recognising yourself as a business that needs to do businessy things like following up on business opportunities even when it’s uncomfortable and doesn’t always reap instant rewards.

A+ – Launching brightly and bravely your offerings to the world at large.

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