If your marketing efforts are a little lacklustre, failing to connect or lacking direction here are seven questions to ask yourself to get your marketing on track.

  1. Is your vision crystal clear?

Having your vision very clear helps to identify your niche and ideal customers so you can connect with them with clarity and passion. It creates a movement around your work and communicates your “why” which is always more compelling than simply your how and what.

  1. Do you even know who your customer is?

If I asked you to describe your customer, where they live, how old they are, their gender, interests would you be able to tell me? Get a handle on who’s buying from you already. Work out how your market likes to be reached and where they are hanging out.

  1. Are you pricing right for your market?

Sometimes pricing too low can actually chase away your ideal customers as they develop a perception that your work is low in value. Sometimes the opposite is also true. If you price yourself out of the market, it’s going to be very hard, no matter how great your marketing efforts and product are to close a sale.

  1. Are you developing the products that your customers like?

While you want to leave the doors of creativity open, if you want to turn a profit from your artform then you need to create a product that people want to spend their hard earned cash on. No matter how fabulous your marketing is, it’s much easier to sell a product people want!

  1. Is Your Branding Packing a Punch?

Are you branding with consistency and in a way that is aligned with your business vision, your niche, your customers and your products? Your branding is your calling card, it’s a way of emotionally getting people to connect. It needs to be clear, consistent and repetitive across all your marketing materials.

  1. Have you built a solid online universe?

Are you leveraging your website and social media? Are you making sure you’re following best practice when you’re using all of these online tools? Is your website easy to convert to paying customers? Does your social media consistently and clearly engage people in your brand? Are you keeping your branding clear, across your online platforms?

  1. Are you nailing your offline marketing?

A lot of your sales are actually going to close offline. This means going to networking events, selling at markets, joining showcases, collaborating with other creatives, exhibiting and gigging. It also means going old school with your marketing materials and remembering that flyers, posters and business cards still have their place. Can you leverage local print and radio media to get your word out there?

If you would like more support getting your marketing on track, then check out my Marketing 101 for Creatives Workshop and see if there’s one coming near you. If there isn’t, get in touch at Christina@christinagiorgio.com, and we can bring this workshop to your creative community.

You can also download my free checklist here ↓

Marketing 101 Checklist