Arty Up Your Silly Season!

Not only is the holiday season a perfect time to leverage for your own creative work it’s also a great time to get out there and enjoy the arts yourself with your friends and family. Whether it’s by getting on down to any of the multitudes of artisan markets, buying handmade Chrissy presents, checking out some original live music, heading to a festival or two, firing up your own creativity or taking a trip to the theatre it’s an arty time of year. Not only will you be supporting your fellow artists you’ll be boosting your own well being, making your life more joyous and beautiful, connecting with a shared human condition and filling the kitty with lovely things and transformative experiences.

Here are 10 simple things you can do to arty up your silly season –

1. Buy handmade this Christmas (ethical and usually low miles too!)


2. Flex your creative muscles and take a dance, music, circus, writing or art class.


3. Get a group of friends together to go to a comedy, theatre or dance performance.


4. Head to your local gallery or open studio.


5. Eat and drink at venues that have live, original musicians playing.


6. Go to a music festival.


7. Watch a movie at the cinema.


8. Redecorate your home with original artworks.


9. Throw a busker you enjoy a gold coin or two and better still buy their CD so you can enjoy their music at all hours.


10. Buy a book, head to the beach and wile away a glorious summer day/ snuggle by the fire with a hot chocolate and a hand crocheted blankie.