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Strategic services for the arts and cultural sector.

Creative Consultancies director Christina Giorgio has worked in the arts and community sector for more than 20 years.  Over the past 15 years she has focussed on strategic planning, based on a belief that sustainable arts industry growth and management is best achieved through careful planning and close community and industry consultation.  Having worked as a freelance project manager, generalist community worker, artist and full time community cultural development worker she has an in depth knowledge of the arts and community arts sector at a management and grass roots level.  Working currently in partnership with NSW Business Connect, she has a business and entrepreneurial mindset that ensures exceptional strategy, financial stability and connection with audience. 

Christina Giorgio, business coach and consultant

Creative Consultancies believes that holistic and consultative planning is an essential part of any creative and service delivery process.  For organisations it ensures that projects and organisations are in line with community needs, are taking advantage of exisiting services and filling required service gaps.  It can create financial stability through diversified income streams and identifying known threats and risks to operations.  Planning on an organisational level supports staff to deliver vital outcomes in a supported and sustainable way.

Wondering if you need help?!

  • Are you involved in a community arts project or organisation?

  • Do you need to assess community or industry cultural needs?

  • Do you have staff who are underpaid and overworked?

  • Do you want to see if there is funding available for your project or organisation?

  • Are you overwhelmed by your workload and need help to prioritise and reorganise?

  • Would you benefit from gaining a birdseye view of your organisation, project or services?

  • Do you feel as if you’re treading water and need to find a sustainable and strategic direction?

How we can help

Christina’s aim is to help improve the financial status of artists, arts organisations and projects and to help paid and volunteer workers to manage and prioritise workloads.
Christina can help, not only with securing funding and appropriate budgeting, she can also help with the planning process to ascertain work goals and priorities.
She has training and experience in strategic arts planning, generalised business planning and marketing.


Creative Consultancies is available for a range strategic services within the arts sector and are able to help if you need expertise in any of the following; 

  • Policy Reviews
  • Artist support, consultation and networking
  • Artist promotion and professional development
  • Arts program and project planning and implementation
  • Project concept development
  • Community Cultural Development advice
  • Funding Applications and advice
  • Audience Development
  • Community consultation and networking
  • Arts project and organisations steering and management committees
  • Working with local councils, community and arts organisations
  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Training, information, advice and referral
  • Devising and managing project and program budgets
  • Project and program administration
  • Managing community facilities and resources
  • Cultural planning
  • Arts infrastructure development
  • Working with diverse communities
  • Working with young people

Strategy Sessions

Take the opportunity to get clear on where you’re at, where you’re going and how you’ll get there.
Employ traditional business techniques within a specialized arts industry framework. 
Optimise on your current strengths and remedy any roadblocks and weak spots.
Identify the big goals awaiting your business or organisation in 2022 and beyond. 
Embrace the support and birdseye insights of a highly experienced arts-industry consultant.

Intensive strategy sessions are only available for established arts organisations and businesses. 

Half day sessions start at AU$640/full day AU$1100.



To make an appointment please email

Coaching is available face to face in South Golden Beach, North NSW, Australia or via zoom anywhere in the world.

Past Clients Include


what people are saying

“Christina’s work is excellent – she has an energy and a clarity and a great creative mind that can see possibilities and potential in all kinds of things.”

Janet Swain

Song Dynasty - Dynamic Music Projects

“Christina is a joy to work with. Thanks for keeping me on track!” 

Rochelle Summerfield

New and Mixed Media Artist

“Christina has a way of clearing the fog and helping you find your path.” 

Nicole Foxall


“I highly recommend her work!” 

Sarah Reece

CCommunity Cultural Development, Writer and Painter

“I’ve got a much better idea of the kind of support I need to be in business and having Christina following you up, is a bit like having an agony aunt sorting you out occasionally…just what I need.  Highly recommended.”

Parissa Bouas


“Blown away by Christina’s passion, empathy, lucidity, and knowledge.”

Ahmed Basyoni

Multi-platform Visual Artist