Because Your Words Matter.

About Page – $260/500-800 words + 150 words

This is your life.  A specialised process that draws out your story and puts in context your life’s work.  This copy includes a 500-800 word about page that weaves your experience, values, achievements and life story to invite customers into the world of your work and build trust and connection.  This also includes a 150 word shorter professional bio or summary, perfect for those times where shorter is most definitely sweeter. You get to dive into the why behind your work and meander through memory lane using my specially developed questionnaire.  If it’s appropriate to your business, you’ll finally do that CV jooj and update you’ve been putting off. And I’ll bring it all together ready for you to connect with your ideal customers.

Blogs – $140/800 words

Depending on your overall content strategy, blogs can be written to drive new traffic, educate and provide value for customers and build relationships and expertise.  It always is an opportunity to maximise your SEO. Using search keywords and enabling you to publish regularly, this content keeps the Google Gods on board with ranking your website and getting customers through the physical or virtual door.  A particularly vital need for ecommerce businesses.  

Note – If your blog is about enhancing your personal connection or expertise than I would opt for copy editing so you can use this as a relationship and trust building opportunity.

Core Copy – $140/300-500 words

Whether it’s specialised marketing copy or core pages on your website your words really matter.  The right words paint a picture of your brand, your work and the values you stand for to really connect emotionally.  Copy is a big part of how you will draw in your people and get them working with you or buying from you.  If you don’t love weaving words or it’s not your strong suit then it’s time to use someone who does!  

Copy Editing – $100/500 words

This is the teach a gal to fish premise. Words from the heart, that share who you are with your people, are a vital way to connect and create a loyal and engaged customer base. So with a personal brand these words need to be yours! This service is designed to help you over time develop and refine your own voice.  Imagine having your most brutal, yet somehow still favourite, English teacher mark your copy.  I will make edit suggestions, point out redirects, identify what is special about your tone and help you polish and refine what you’re doing.  Then you make changes accordingly and hit publish. This is especially perfect for first person copy like social and blogs.  

This same process is also available for grant applications. Only this time we will get you playing the funding game like a pro, formatting, nailing criteria and speaking the language funders love.


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