strategic web design

Strategic, streamlined, user friendly websites.

So often clients come to me with a website up and running that they’ve sunk hard earned cash and/or mountains of time and energy into that simply doesn’t serve their business goals.  They are often clunky, outdated and hard to negotiate. Many times they boast beautiful design but don’t serve the growth needs of the business or are impossibly complex to self manage without ongoing, expensive support.  Other times they use limiting platforms and constricting technology that are unprofessional, hard to update and not best suited to the algorithms that help get your work in front of the right people. Often their marketing message and branding is confusing at best or non existent at worst.

Strategic website development combines business coaching and web design.

Strategic website packages combine strategic business planning, branding and strategic website structural design with streamlined, user friendly technology and simplicity of use.  Packages are customised to meet a range of needs and budgets so your creative work has the online platform it needs and deserves. The end result, a high end website that you have full ownership and control of with the simplest available self management and ability to shift to new themes at anytime according to your design and business needs without having to go back to square 1. 

$3200 Starter Package Includes

★ 3 x 1 Hour 1 on 1 Strategic Business Coaching Sessions

★ 1000 words of Compelling Copy (all the juicy details below)

★ Comprehensive website design brief fully approved by you for developer based on strategy sessions

★ WordPress platform with Divi theme – cutting edge technology, streamlined design, user friendly

★ Image optimisation for web

★ Content and image transfer to expert developer

★ Full liaison with third party developer

★ Content Upload

★ Design Customization

★ Up to 10 Pages

★ E-commerce ready

★ Responsive Design for optimal mobile speed and design

★ 10 day turn around on delivery of website elements to developer

★ 3 basic revisions

★ SEO plugins and keywords to help your customers find you

1 hour Business Strategy Session

Review your long term business goals, products and services to make sure your website will serve your customers, your business goals and your creative dreams and is optimized with key words to help your ideal customers find you.

Add on options
* If you discover it’s time to pivot, take a deeper rethink or go deeper into your product development and marketing strategy you can add on additional 1 on 1 business coaching.  Sessions are $180/hour and include an actionable follow up report .

1 hour Branding and Design Brief Session

This is your chance to bring in your favourite websites and webpages and create a visual design brief that creates the most beautiful and functional online environment for your business. 

Add on options
* Fine tune your photography brief, go deeper into your brand story and movement, find more ways to integrate your branding across your business on and offline with add on 1 on 1 coaching sessions $180/hour.
* If your visual branding is in need of some extra pizzaz you can add on a professional branding consultation with our lovely friends at Soulful Creative.  Bring your design brief to Kymba and she will take your design ideas to the next level $150/hr.
* Roll out your branding across your whole business with custom Canva templates you can edit and update yourself or outsource at a minimum cost.  Perfect for social media, events and print marketing.  Packages are designed to meet your business needs and start as low as $150.
* Great photos are the key to a great website. If your available photos are a bit on the meh side we can help you with free DIY advice and guidance or recommend professional photographers.  We can also access professional stock images on your behalf from as little as $30/image. 

1 hour Website Structural Design Session

Get hands on refining a user friendly structure to your website that gets you the results you’re after.  Using a best practice tactile tech development process, this simple process will make sure that your website is not just pretty but makes it super easy for customers to find what they need and take the actions you most want.

1000 Compelling Words

Copy for your website needs to be engaging, on brand, enticing and easy to digest while also making the Google gods happy to send ideal customers your way. Your package includes copy proof reading of up to 1000 words and feedback notes for readability, Search Engine Optimisation and strategic results.

Add On –
If you have a written content heavy website, words aren’t your strong suit or you know you need an outside eye on your wordsmithing, copywriting, proof reading and editing is available.  This is billed hourly but averages at $80/500 words depending on your needs.

The fine print

* Some elements rely on a third party expert Divi theme wordpress developer and are out of my control, using this provider keeps the costs as low as possible and turn around as quick as possible

* You must provide your hosting and domain logins before work can start.

* You must provide the images outlined in the design brief before work can start.  These must be high resolution and high quality for optimum efficacy and aesthetic appeal.  

* Your site will be based on the approved design brief.   Change of mind outside of the brief may incur additional charges.

* Any add ons will be billed on top of the core package



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