So, you’ve got some money blocks. Well, you’re not alone! The creative industry is rife with a pervading poverty consciousness, one which I believe is holding us back as an industry from truly thriving. If you’re finding investing in your creative career and business hard to get your head around then consider a rethink.  These 3 reframes may help you shift gears psychologically so you can shift gears professionally and creatively.


Taking Things Seriously

If you want other people to take you and your creative work seriously then you need to start with yourself. A lot of artists complain that people don’t want to pay for what they do. They want to be treated like every other business, create a product and get paid for it.  Sounds reasonable, right? But many creatives don’t want to behave in a way that is normal for businesses in all kind of industries and invest in the back end of their business.  If you’re not willing to put your money where your mouth is, then why would you expect anyone else to?


Returns on Investment

Professional development is an investment. I can tell you, that the artists I have worked with have consistently made massive returns and savings as a result of the money they have spent with me. Of course, they’ve had to work hard and apply what they’ve learned, but the result is a businesses and creative life that is stronger, more abundant and more satisfying as a result.  They have been able to short cut through the mistakes, trial and error and wasted dollars that going it alone usually incurs. Professional development is the key to working smarter, more effectively and connecting better with people. It’s about raising the standard of your work and business and then demanding a price tag to go with it. Investing in yourself and in your learning, is about investing in your business and from my experience it always pays off.


Its Not All Straight Lines


It may be time to take a more flexible look at the lines that connect your creative work and your income. If you love your art, you believe you’re on this planet to share your creative talents with the rest of the world, creating art brings you joy and fulfilment and leads to a life that is purposeful, then that’s a lot of reasons to pursue your creativity. Even if it costs you money rather than makes you money. Abundance doesn’t always work in straight lines. If you can’t get the books to balance with your creative work, yet are still compelled to pursue it for a higher purpose, then spend what you need to to leave your legacy in this world and find other ways to pay your bills.


Investing in yourself and your creativity is both a spiritual and a business process and if you’re ready to start taking what you do seriously then it’s time to take it to the next level.  Invest in yourself, you’re worth it.


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