Content is king!

For e-commerce and online businesses, staying ahead of the curve with Google can be the difference between make or break.  Where once upon a time Google favoured the tech geeks and code masters, the internet is becoming a far more human driven interface.  And humans love content.

Beautiful images, engaging videos and connecting copy.

Content packages for small business are designed to not only make the search engines happy they are more importantly designed to make the humans who work with you and buy from you happy!

Content packages are custom tailored to your business needs and customers.  Your integrated service plan will get you filling all your online channels with high quality content designed to drive sales and win the hearts and minds of your customers.  Packages are strategically designed to save you money and time you could be spending on the business of running your business.

Services are handpicked and bundled for your exact needs and include –

  • Content editing that helps you find an authentic voice that flows and connects.
  • Done for you copwriting that engages your human customers and keeps the google gods happy.
  • Flexible format video production for web, youtube and social media.
  • Social media planning, content creation and scheduling that is aligned with your brand and customer.
  • Branding and design that builds your professional profile and builds lasting relationships with your perfect customers.