The Revolution Part 2 – We Have Value

Missed Part 1 of this article? Read it here. The Revolution Part 2 – It’s Time for some Arts Education The arts in Australia has been under rapid fire over the past 18 months with funding cuts, higher education slashes and a political backdrop that grossly undervalues the creative industries. Frankly it’s been making me […]

The Revolution Part 1 – Artists need to get paid

The Revolution Part 1 – The facts about working in the arts in Oz Lately in Australia there has been a lot of shit going down in the arts industry and it’s been getting me very hot under the collar. Our minister for education and training, Simon Birmingham, came out recently and made the call […]

An Open Letter to Simon Birmingham

Dearest Simon Birmingham, I thought perhaps I’d wait until I found a moment of internal calm to write you a letter opposing your proposed funding cuts to arts education here in Australia, but seriously I don’t think I’m going to get calm. I keep re-reading all the media releases thinking it must be a scam […]