5 ways to head off overwhelm

Pip Overwhelm at the Post

Getting overwhelmed by the amount of work you have on your plate as you attempt to balance your creativity, day job, family, social life and the business of taking your creative outlet more seriously is often par for the course. Even entrepreneurial types outside of the arts can experience intense feelings of being swamped and […]

Working your business, learning new strategies and systems and testing them out can be hard work here are 5 places to start if the business overwhelm tsunami is headed your way.

5 Ways to Beat Business Overwhelm

Because thinking strategically and business planning is not generally in the comfort zone for many creatives, one of the most common challenges facing my strategy consulting clients and creatives who have been to my workshops is overwhelm. Once people get grounded about what it really takes to run a thriving, successful business in the arts […]

Creativity & Parenthood

For better and worse, becoming a parent has been a creative-life game changer for me and I feel like it’s a rarely addressed topic in the arts industry. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this article about motherhood and creative careers that I related to so acutely I felt like crying in solidarity, frustration […]