Show me the money part 2 – How to fund your art without arts funding.

Those of you who have worked with me personally will be aware that funding is one of my least favorite financial strategies for arts practitioners. Before I get started on why, I want to clarify that I’m not writing from a position of personal bitterness. My own track record with funding is pretty stellar, from […]

Show Me The Money – The art of funding submissions.

Writing a solid funding submission with a better chance of getting across the line is an artform in itself.  In fact I recommend that my clients are cautious when making funding a major part of their financial model. Funding is not money for nothing, it is a highly competitive process, you need to fit the […]

How to Make a Vision Board

Vision boarding is a super fun way to visually explore ideas. I love to do this as a social activity with a group of friends and it’s the perfect starting point for all of my retreats to kick start the creative flow. You can pick a specific topic, section out your board for different parts […]