Create More and Work Less With Outsourcing

Get the low down on outsourcing with our resident marketing whizz Lainie Anderson. The global phenomenon known as freelancing, with vast pools of talent worldwide, is now at your fingertips.,,, are all great for getting specific tasks ranging from graphic design and online marketing to research and administrative support completed quickly […]

Two questions whose answers will make you money from your art.

As an artist you have a total right to create completely for yourself. In fact truly resonant creative products (music, writing, acting, craft, painting, dance, whatever it is) generally come from a place of complete authenticity and disregard for who wants them.   But if you want to reach an audience, connect with a market and […]

Debunking 2 Myths that Keep Artists in the Gutter of Poverty

I’m very keen to get artists out of the gutter and into positive cash flow. I think as creatives we’ve been sold some big, bad myths that keep us stuck in negative self judgement, deflating self talk and a poverty conscious mindset. Today I want to debunk 2 of those. The “Don’t Give up Your […]

Arts Crowdfunding

A while ago I went to talk in Sydney on crowdfunding by Pozible co-founder Rick Chen.  Crowdfunding is such a great opportunity for creative businesses to explore, not only in terms of your financial strategy but also incorporated into your marketing. Here are my top takeaways for arts-crowdfunding.  Pick the minimum amount you need to […]

Checking Out The “Competition”

A while ago I attended an arts business morning tea.  I didn’t go in the particular hope of learning new business skills or having personal arts biz revelations.  I went because it was an ideal piece of “competitor analysis” as a part of my ongoing “market research”. I went because Clare Bowditch (that’s us in […]