The Ripple Effect of Creation

12 years ago I recorded my first full length album. The journey was tumultuous, my resources thin and the songs precious to me. I was surviving on stories of home recorded albums and “did I know Radiohead recorded that in a stairwell” type tales.  I wanted so badly for this album to “make it” against […]

10 Opportunities for Marketeers

For a very short lived period I reinvented myself creatively as a fair trade fashion designer. Being fashion ambivalent at best, it was a strange tangent (I blame baby brain) and, predictably, turned out to not really be the business path for me. It was a wonderful steep learning curve on so many fronts, gifting […]

A+ All Round

It’s on the journey to the big vision that the learning happens, the creating and the growth. The destination is amazing but it’s the road there that makes up the heart of this creative life. Sometimes the milestones may not sound that impressive when you’re plugging along ticking off the to do list.  Maybe they […]